A hurricane shelter set up by the Grand Priory of Texas was home to many local residents, including this mother and newborn baby.
Dame Gayla Holley always has special gifts for the children in a refugee camp along the Texas-Mexican Border.
Our Texas youth were kept busy assisting us with cleanup activities at one of many hurricane work sites.
Grand Prior of Texas, Archbishop Gregory Holley, and Dame Gayla Holley (right)
with the site supervisor in San Marcos, Mexico. The Grand Priory of Texas collected food supplies for the poverty-stricken area of San Marcos in Mexico. The labor helping out with hurricane relief relies on clean water,
and the Grand Prior of Texas had enough on hand to help. Unloading at the Sovereign Order of St. John Orphanage in Alamo, Mexico requires
everyone to help. HSH Nicholas F.S. Papanicolaou, Prince Grand Master, and his wife, Lady Victoria (right), visit with Archbishop Gregory Holley, Grand Prior of Texas at the Anuhauc, Texas relief site. Seven months after the storm, we continue to assist in the rebuilding of a church in Oak Island, Texas.